Glossary of Legal Terms


One who has the general right to vote, and the right to vote for public officers.

equitable relief

Relief sought in a court with equity powers as, for example, in the case of one seeking an injunction or specific performance instead of money damages.
The court's authority to decide cases.

leave to appeal


Permission or authorization to resort to a superior court to review the decision of an inferior court or administrative agency.
Party to a lawsuit

original jurisdiction

Authority to consider a case in the first instance. Jurisdiction of a court to take cognizance of a cause at its inception, try it, and pass judgment upon the law and facts.






To send a case back to the court from which it came for further proceedings. (e.g., defendant waives a preliminary examination, thus the case goes from district court to circuit court, usually because the defendant intends to plead guilty to a charge. The defendant then decides not to plead guilty and requests a preliminary examination; if the request is granted, the case is "remanded" to district court.) To send back to the lower or trial court from which it was appealed, with instructions as to what further proceedings should be had there.